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5pcs Full Screen Clear Screen Protector Protective Film for 10.1 10 inch Universal Tablet

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1. Anti-dust, 3 layers

2. UV protection

3. Ultra-transparent

4. High-strength PET Material

5. Size: 235.8×165.8mm, no hole on the film

6. Fit for universal full screen 10.1 inch Tablet , please make sure that if this size 235.8×165.8mm fit your request before ordering.

Package include:

5 pcs x Crystal Screen protetors without retail package

Simple Steps:

Step 1: Clean the screen (the screen without dust)

Step 2: Alignment of the screen, the label torn a little bit to align the screen, welt and tear.

Step 3: stickers, ready to be careful, tear this layer of the label 2. On it.

Film techniques:
1. The first clean up the clean hands of dust and grease, first wash with hand sanitizer.
2. Glasses cloth or lint-free cloth dipped in a small amount of detergent or water to wipe the screen surface, clean surface
3. Tearing open the side of the protective film, and then align the screen, align the top of the side and around the paste film.
4. In the foil, as far as possible to maintain a uniform, bubbles, etc., less pull back to ensure that the film surface without bubbles. Then use the sheep felt scraper, or cushion scraper class, to avoid scratching. Will film a little bit slowly, pressing the surface of the screen, in which case immediate effect of the bubble will be very few.
5. Posted after part of the regional air bubbles repair. Hard cards, credit cards, live credit card, use a soft cloth to just wipe the screen, and then slowly to contribute, the bubbles were scraped off the edge.
6. If the surface such as small particles of dust, to uncover where the blocks with plastic sheets and other particles glue, and then the film paste.



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Clear Screen Protector Protective


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